Balanced eating is not as difficult as you think. If you consume all the necessary components with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, then your diet is balanced. You can not rely on carbohydrates or protein because your body needs in defined proportions. But if you feel your diet is not good or that you have shortcomings, then add supplements to your diet can help you meet your nutritional needs.

The protein and multivitamin supplements are increasingly popular. In other words, the use of dietary supplements has become a fashion. Some people use these supplements without you really need. These dietary supplements are effective if they are recommended by a health professional, but their overuse can cause more harm than good.

Are Protein Powders Are Good For Your Health?

If you’ve been in a weight room, you may have noticed the addictive bodybuilders drinks and protein powders during and after training, thinking that these protein mixtures will help them get big muscles. In addition to building muscle mass, these protein supplements are also used to slim down and gain a body “dry” weight (without fat with muscle only). It is a practice quite common to take these supplements before and after training without knowing their real nutritional value. Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of protein powders, you must understand the role of proteins in muscle building.

Proteins are the basic structure and the functional component of the muscles. This is why having an adequate amount of protein in your diet is necessary for muscle strength gain. The best sources of protein are meat, beans, eggs, milk and other dairy products. If you consume enough of these foods every day, you probably do not need to take protein supplements. However, people doing strenuous exercise and athletics and bodybuilding need protein because they force more about their muscles and to repair or heal the damage to muscles, the body needs more protein to recover those that were lost during training. So consume protein supplements if recommended by health professionals, can be effective in some cases. But do not think that always consuming more protein without using your muscles, you will gain muscle mass. Because muscle strength is not developed only through proteins. Apart from protein, carbohydrates and appropriate training is needed for muscles toned and firm. The more you use your muscles during the workout, the more they grow. On the other hand, consume carbohydrates not only give energy to your muscles but also avoid using proteins to metabolize energy, making them available for the synthesis of new muscle.

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