We receive many questions about what to take, when to take it, which are most effective, which are less … Before that we want to remember, as we always do, that without good nutrition, training and rest; You can spendest all the money you want in supplements you will not notice any results. Always we repeat but there are still people who do not have clear.

Supplements are a great help but can not perform miracles . Technology advances, every day new studies on the human body and the effect of different substances have on it are made, but there is still no magic product that can sit and watch TV all day while our fat disappears and our muscles grow. If you pretend that you talk about this product I’m afraid we will not do. It does not exist .

What we do want is to offer 5 tips that you should consider when choosing a supplement. Worth spending a little time in inform before buying the first product you get ahead. Please note that your pocket and your health all at stake.

Here Are Our Tips:

Flee The Miraculous Ingredients

We see a lot of advertising such as “this herb from the Amazon rainforest is an ingredient of spectacular properties …” If you see ads like this, at least doubt. Ergogenic aids for athletic performance is constantly studying. If there is a miracle product truth, will be assured that even the news! All athletes will take it. We repeat: There are no miracles, so runs away from everything you want to convince you it is.

Monitors The Amount At Doses

We find much combined products carrying almost everything: protein, carbohydrates, glutamine, creatine … One who has already done the homework and reported that these ingredients work thinking: “This product will pump, is not” The problem is that in some of these combined (eye, we are not against the combined, but this type), the quantities of each ingredients do not reach the minimum required to have ergogenic properties in our body. Keep this in mind when choosing your supplements, since it is possible that to have the desired results, you may have to assail the boat in a week!

Mixtures Registered

What are mixtures registered? Suppose we buy a protein shake. We can ask: What kind of protein leads? Whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, hydrolyzed whey, casein, … The problem is that some brands do not say! Recorded a combined various proteins under a “combiproteina” trade name (invented example). So it turns out that you do not know what kind or how much of each protein is the product you just bought. Like the idea of ​​not knowing what exactly they are taking? Look at the labels and if you do not know what you’re taking you might not want you to know.

Flee Cheap Brands

Cheap does not always have to be the worst, but very cheap usually very poor quality. To us the world of supplements we like a lot and try to be informed. Know brands and compared, both individual experience as a simple review of nutritional information. It is true that sometimes the big brands inflate their prices a bit, but offer more credibility. Dudar lot of brands that are very cheap. There are products of very poor quality and that they will not offer the benefits you expect.

Not Interfere Between Them

Completely eliminates the concept of “more is better”. This will not worth the time to train (overtraining), or when eating (excess calories) or when taking supplements. Research before you buy. Creatine + caffeine? But as the shots together if they are incompatible! Beta-Alanine + Taurine? The same. Do you carry a high protein diet and also you drink two protein shakes a day? Be careful! Doses above 3g / day of protein are not effective (and higher doses may become harmful). Not to take more supplements will have more impact, moreover, may annul each other and even be harmful to your health. Each in proper doses is like only work.

And here our advice. Nutritional supplements are an advancement of technology and help us improve our athletic performance. Do not make misuse turns against you. If you are seeking information about the perfect supplement then check this dbal for sale, the best health supplement for your growing body without having any side effects.