Worldwide Japanese manga series and animations are very popular. They have great success inside Japan and outside it, as they are dubbed and translated into multiple languages. Many generations grew up watching manga and anime series. The term “Manga” is used to refer to Japanese comics. Turning the manga comics into animated series is a very important element that helped in expanding the popularity of manga comics.

Manga is a wide world of comics. It has various and limitless genres for example: romance, science fiction, crime and sports. This diversity gives manga comics fans from all ages and generations. The history of manga comics goes way back to 18th century, while the anime first appeared in 1917. However, the modern and contemporary form of both was affected by the wartime and the American Occupation of Japan.

What is the secret behind the unlimited success of manga and anime? That is a fair question, but manga comics and anime have more than just one secret. They have the whole elements and ingredients for success recipe such as:

  • Rich Characters: The manga figures are rich with human reactions and attitudes, so everyone who read manga comics or watches an anime series can relate and probably see himself or someone s/he knows in real life.
  • Cultural Icon: Manga and anime series are known not only in Japan, but also in the entire world. They are cultural phenomena that are able to cross geographic borders. Every national TV in almost all countries shows few anime series in translated or dubbed form.
  • Limitless Topics: Manga and anime have multiple topics and niches. They can be about everything in life; fantasy, society problems or sports. They can simply satisfy all tastes and ages.
  • Perfect Stories & Events: Most of anime series or manga comics have great artistic features such as deep story line, rich characters and well described events. These features give them credibility and make the readers or TV audiences stay tuned for more of them.

A lot of Japanese manga and animated series were unforgettable parts of many people’s childhood or adulthood. If you need a gentle reminder, we will defiantly mention some of the most popular, successful and unforgettable manga or anime series such as

  • Mazinger Z: It can be considered one of the classics. It was created by GO Nagai. It is about the adventures of the warrior big robot Mazinger Z
  • Detective Conan: Is one of the most popular detective manga of all time. It is also known as Case Closed and was created by Gosho Aoyama. It follows the life and adventures of the high school detective Shinichi Kudo, who got poisoned by a gang and became a child.
  • Captain Tsubasa: Is another hit manga series, which revolves around the competition in the soccer world. The main character of the show is Tsubasa Oozora. The series was created by Yōichi Takahashi.  Watch the
    season 2 of blue exorcist at After its hit success, the show was turned into a popular video game. If you wana watch blue exorcist the visit at watchblueexorcist.